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Quick Release Video

Here is a fun look at what a Jimi Hatt and I do on our spare time!​=n9w6aPM8msM

–matt bolus


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If you are ever in Edinburgh, Scotland (perhaps a good base to start hiking the notorious “Whisky Trail”), then look up my friend from culinary school, Campbell Barbee. He and I attended Le Cordon Bleu together, Campbell luckily stayed in the U.K. for more experience. He can be found currently at Herbie of Edinburgh (online at or you can look him up on his own site at As always you can also use the link of the right of the page.

— matt bolus

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New book to read

My wonderful wife bought me this new book after she learned I was having a horrible day (isn’t she great). I don’t have many fortunately and after hearing about some of it she decided I needed another book about pork, one of my favorite, if not the number one on my list, proteins. This book is amazing. Mostly stories, mainly just one large continuing story with different small stories within. But none the less outstanding and the recipes that I have tried have been spot on. The title of the book is “Pig Perfect” written by Peter Kaminsky. I will try to post an image latter on. He starts off on his quest for the perfect ham and leads the reader through many an adventure filled with scientific facts, folklore, and his own personal experiences. After reading the book and trying some of the recipes I am inspired to return to my home state of Kentucky and the state that I spent most of my life in Tennessee to research ham and pork production. He also does a great job explaining the consequences of mass production. Not just the simple facts but detailed stories and facts from those who live through and suffer from the industrial side of the story.

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New Image

I wanted to post a personal image on the blog to allow people to see me. It is not that I necessarily want to be seen it is that I feel things are looked at differently and perceived as more personal when you have a visual image of the person who is talking (or in this case writing). This is one of my favorite pictures from my honeymoon and shows the feeling perfectly.

Over looking the streets of Paris, France

Over looking the streets of Paris, France.

We stayed at the intersection of the Boulevard de Montparnasse and the Rue de Rennes. Fantastic location in the city of love. So much to see and do all in walking distance. Famous cafes where Hemingway and Picasso hung out, the Luxemburg Gardens (great place to sit and enjoy cheese, charcuterie, and wine), and of course the markets.

I had to edit this based on a comment from my wife. This is not my “favorite” picture from my honeymoon. It is just one that I thought expressed what I love to do in a city such as Paris, France. Sitting happily overlooking the streets and people, and merely watching what is taking place. In a rather famous cafe just up that road from where we stayed (the name escapes me so please forgive) the likes of Picasso and Hemingway used to sit and get inspiration for paintings and novels. Hopefully this explains why I said the picture was one of my favorites and not may favorite. There are many others from the honeymoon that I cherish far more that involve my wife and myself enjoying the streets of London and Paris.

–matt bolus

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