Bottarga Half Way Finished


Just a quick look at the bottarga that I am working on using the wonderful roe harvested from a John Dory fish. I originally cured the roe in a mix of salt, corriander seed (not toasted), and lemon zest. At this point the roe has been in the cure for two weeks. I brushed off all of the salt mix possible, but did not rinse it off. I am now going to cover it all again in just plain kosher salt and allow it to finish curing. The roe has a noticeable stiffness though I can still feel some softness in the center of the larger sacks. The smaller roe seems to be a bit stiffer but is still very flimsy, but that may be due to the size as opposed to the amount of time in cure. The smell is of the sea with hints of citrus.

–matt bolus

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