Roe from a John Dory


I pulled these roe sacks out of some of the most beautiful John Dory I have ever seen. I first experience John Dory when working for Dave Blagden at Blagden Fishmonger on Paddington Street in London. Out of all the John Dory that I have cut since first working with them almost 10 years ago I have never seen roe sacks like this, so I had to do something with them.

I am debating between two different preperations. The first being a simple salt and water cure. Then the extraction of the eggs from the sack and again lightly salt curing them in an attempt to harvest John Dory “caviar”. The second method, which I have to admit I am leaning more towards, is curing the roe in alchohol and salt for 1 day. Then vacuum sealing the sacks in a mix of alcohol, salt, and aeromatics for ten days. The final product to be used like botarga.

— matt bolus

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