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What a beautiful side of swordfish. This side came from what is classified as a “Pup” which means less than 100 pounds after the head and guts have been removed. Anything over 100 pounds is known as a “Marker”, with the terms double and triple distinguishing those fish that weigh 200+ or 300+ pounds respectfully. I have never seen or heard of a quadruple marker being sold before but that does not mean they are not out there. This fish was caught off the coast of South Carolina and brought into shore on Wadmalaw Island. Clearly you can grill or pan sear this fish, and of course if you choose to you could bake or broil it if you want (though I think you loose flavor that way). But when the fish is this fresh, caught the day before, you must slice it thin, dress it with salt, citrus juice, olive oil, and herbs and enjoy it raw. I must warn you though it is very rich this way and a small amount is more than satisfying.

— matt bolus

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