Offal experiment

Kelly and I had a great offal dinner a few weeks back at The Glass Onion here in Charleston. Ever since then I have been thinking about how to cook calves liver. I have cooking calves liver many times and always in the same way. And to be perfectly honest with you I never really liked it. However they prepared it for this dinner though has completely changed my mind and also made me think of new ways to cook it.

Traditionally I have soaked the liver in buttermilk, dredged it in seasoned flour, and then seared it in a smoking hot pan. The taste to me is no different if the liver is cooked to a mid rare or well done. Always very tangy and metallic. Thinking about it I realized that the type of liver and quality obviously plays a big role in the flavor but so does the marinade. Buttermilk has that tangy quality that works great for fried chicken but seems to me that it may add to the undesired flavor in the liver.

This trial has several parts. First I am soaking beef liver (which before you say it, I know has a stronger flavor, I did that for a reason) in half and half, heavy cream, and yogurt. I want to see how this changes the flavor of the liver. Second, once I find out which medium is better for soaking the liver I want to try mixing Dijon mustard and brown sugar into the liquid before soaking the liver. Finally, I want to quickly blanch the liver before searing it.

I will keep you updated and provide pictures as well. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Also, I am trying to source out lambs liver if anyone knows where to get that.

— matt bolus

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