Another New Dish, Monkfish

Thanks to the three Dave’s in my life, my father Dave Bolus who supported my decision to attend culinary school (yes my mother also supported me but her name fortunately is not Dave), Dave Blagden who gave me a job at the fishmongers in London, and Dave Szem my fishmonger now i have come up with an entree dish for the opening menu.

Monkfish Entree

Monkfish Entree

This is a combination of all that I know and love about fish and summer. It starts off with monkfish that has been brined in a citrus simple syrup. I then wrap the fish in roasted red peppers and then wrap it again in thinly shaved prosciutto. The fish parcels are then pan seared, basted, and then finished with a touch of orange juice, butter, and fresh thyme.

Finished Pan Searing

Finished Pan Searing

The fish will be served with oven roasted fingerling potatoes that have been tossed with salt, pepper, and chopped parsley, and finally topped with a summer melon tapenade. The tapenade I make in the traditional fashion with olives, anchovies (in this dish I will use Spanish Bocarones) and then I add a mix of chopped summer melon and some of the remaining citrus simple syrup and olive oil. The combination creates a dish that is rich in taste and texture while still being lite on the pallet and stomach.

— matt bolus

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  1. Ah. I see. Noooow you finish the monkfish dish.

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