Doing The Right Thing

I know this particular post has nothing to do with food but I had to post in anyway simply because it made me feel good about what Kelly and I had done. Kelly and I had taken the dogs on a walk last night and upon returning to the house we were greated by the oddest chirping sound. I dismissed it to be a hungry baby bird somewhere in the tree above. Kelly on the other hand swore it was coming from the flower bed and had to go look. I am so glad she did. What she discovered was a baby squirrel that was (what we were later told) no more that 7 days old. The little guy had apperently been thrown from the nest and was crying out for his mother. We immediatly researched what to do (thank God for the internet) and found out that we should leave it right where we found it to see if the mother would return for it. So we took the baby squirrel back out side (yes we had already brought him inside in an atempt to warm him up a bit and rid him of the pestering ants that were all over him) and set him back by the tree. Hours later our little man was still crying out with no mother in sight. So I called my mother who is veternary technitian to ask how to care for him. She informed me that we would have to feed him karo syrup or Pedialite every two hours throughout the night and keep him warm with a heating pad. She had her doubts about his chances but wished us well. Off to the store I went to purchase the proper goods and up all night we stayed. Luckily after several emails and phone calls we got connected with a lady just up the road who takes in baby squirrels to raise until they can be released. We took him over there this morning and got a treat when we were able to play with seven other babies that had be given to her recently. Shem, as he has now been named, is going to be professional cared for and of course checked in on by us from time to time. Below are pictures of Shem and his new family.

Shem finally sleeping

Shem finally sleeping

New sister for Shem

New sister for Shem

A new brother for Shem

A new brother for Shem

— matt bolus


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4 responses to “Doing The Right Thing

  1. pam

    Oh my gosh, that is the sweetest thing ever!

  2. Christy Drinkard

    You guys are the best!!

  3. Bharathi Meena

    You people are so good.. I myself have raised a few baby squirrels to adulthood. You’ll be blessed beyond all limits. All the best wishes

  4. Hailey Brooks

    That is so sweet. I am glad to know that there are still people in the world like you guys.

    p.s. They are adorable!!!

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