Banana Pepper Canning Recipe

I have had several people now ask for the exact recipe for the brine I used to can the banana peppers. So, of course I have to oblige. I never want to become one of those chefs who find their recipes to be so sacred they can not share them. Below is the recipe and the method of canning I used. To save time I will mention that I boiled the jars, lids, and lid rings for 15 minutes prior to using.


1 Cup Rice Wine Vinegar

1 Cup Sugar, white granulated

1/2 Cup Salt

3 Cups Water

2 Bay Leaves, dried

1/4 Cup Yellow Mustard Seed

I brought all of this to a boil, ensuring all of the salt and sugar dissolved. Removed the bay leaves and then ladled the solution into the jars. You do need to tap the jars lightly to make sure there are no air pockets. In the jars I had already packed the peppers along with 1 clove of garlic and 15 mixed peppercorns. I sealed the jars with the sterelized lids and rings and boiled them for 10 minutes. I found that any longer starts to produce very mushy peppers. Once I removed the jars from the boiling water I set them on a towel on the counter top and waited for the seal to pop. Then I store them in the cabinet for use. Any jars that did not take I put in the fridge for immediate use.

— matt bolus


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16 responses to “Banana Pepper Canning Recipe

  1. Sounds great. Although I must admit I’m not a great fan of rice wine vinegar, however I’m willing to give it a go for this recipe.

  2. mckenzie dee

    Do you place raw peppers into the jars? What do you use your canned peppers for? I can relish using zucchini squash but I cook the squash.

  3. Connie Hudson

    Ok I have never canned a thing in my life. But I we did a garden this year and I need to can some things. My question is on the salt. I am not to use regular salt. I have high blood pressure. Do you have to use regular salt, or canning salt. or can I use sea salt?
    Thank you for your time

  4. Joe

    How do you prepare the peppers befor adding the brine? Are they cut? I would like to do them as rings.

    • What are mixed peppercorns? Is that the same as pickling spice? We have a bumper crop of banana peppers & I don’t want to waste them, but in my sheltered existence have not heard of “mixed” peppercorn.

      • dmbolus

        Mixed peppercorns are simply a mix of black, pink, and white peppercorns. I used this mixed simply to accommodate the flavors of each. I would now also add Szechuan to the mix as I am in love with their floral notes.

  5. Just a little hint make sure you wear surgical gloves when preping all your stuff or they will burn your hands.And i also use sea salt and pepper and mustard seed and celery seed along with a fresh cut up galic clove.You can use regular white vinegar and water 50 -50 it works just fine.JUst finished 30 pints this year and omg are they good added a little extra this year using grape leaves for a preservative instead of alum and they are very snappy!!!Luv em.

  6. barefootgirl27

    I just stumbled upon your recipe & canned some of my banana peppers.. thank you 😉

  7. Linda

    thank you, but what/how do grape leaves work in place of alum? how do you keep grape leaves and what else can I use them for? i have terrific grapes but have never used the leaves. Do you use them in pickles etc?

    • dmbolus

      To be honest I am not entirely certain what you mean by alum. I grew up eating middle eastern cuisine and grape leaves where always a major part of it. Basically the leaves of a grape plant (same plant as we get wine grapes, or jelly grapes from) are preserved in a brine. When you want to cook them they are stuffed with rice, lamb, pine nuts, etc. and cooked in broth until the lamb and rice are cooked. Then you enjoy them with lemon juice and olive oil.

  8. Cindy kirby

    Is this for pints or quarts ?

    • dmbolus

      This is for pint jars. Pints are my default size for canning. I find them to be the perfect size to process, store, and use in a acceptable amount of time after opening.

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