Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs

This is a picture of eggs that I found at a local market that are fresh from the chicken’s …….You get the point. At this market they have free running (or free range) chickens that they get the eggs from twice a day, usually around 24 a day. Over the next few days I plan on showing detailed differences in fresh eggs such as these and the eggs we buy at the grocery store. I am almost ashamed to admit that in all of the time I spent on my grandfathers farm I never ate fresh chicken eggs, he always bought them at the grocery. I am going to have to assume that because he did not have a chicken coupe or chickens at all is the reason for the lack of this beautiful and all to unknown ingredient. I did not discover the wonderful world of fresh eggs until I moved to London, England and first bought them at a farmers market not far from my flat. I can remember being amazed (and somewhat scared) at the fact the eggs where not refrigerated. What I can to learn is this is common practice all throughout Europe. Most eggs in a European household are held in a larder or simply on a counter top away from the window usually. The difference in color, size, and taste is truly something to behold, and something that I will be sharing over the next couple of days. I will be showing images of eggs that are form free range chickens and never chilled, eggs that are from free range chickens and chilled, and eggs that are from caged birds and of course chilled (i.e. grocery store variety eggs). I will also be researching whether or not I can use these eggs in the restaurant or not, hopefully I can.

— matt bolus


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3 responses to “Fresh Eggs

  1. Pam

    I look forward to learning more about fresh eggs. I’ve started buying from a local health food store, and I’ve noticed the yolks are a lot darker and richer.

  2. some of the health foods that i always eat are those gluten free foods*;.

  3. health foods that are organice and have natural source should be the stuff that we should take ;”,

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