If you are ever in Edinburgh, Scotland (perhaps a good base to start hiking the notorious “Whisky Trail”), then look up my friend from culinary school, Campbell Barbee. He and I attended Le Cordon Bleu together, Campbell luckily stayed in the U.K. for more experience. He can be found currently at Herbie of Edinburgh (online at or you can look him up on his own site at As always you can also use the link of the right of the page.

— matt bolus

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  1. If it’s not rude to ask, can I ask what the reason was for going to Le Cordon Bleu in London, rather than going to the ones in the states?
    After reading “Campbell luckily stayed in the U.K. for more experience.” in this post, it kind of linked my question from your Bio.

    I’m just asking because I am thinking about attending Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and the reason is only because it’s near where I used to live and the closest one from my current location which is in Korea is not listed in scholarhip supported schools by the Curlinary Trust.

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