Finished Purple Basil Pesto

I gathered the ingredients and made the pesto. The recipe I use does not produce a huge batch and is very hard to cut down, mainly because by cutting it in half means you are making pesto by hand. I have made pesto by hand before (first couple of terms in culinary school we were not even allowed to know where the school kept the food processors much less use them). By not being able to cut the recipe I was forced to use some green basil, which is not all together a bad thing but did take away from the color that I was trying to get. I have already formed a solution (or at least a theory) to the problem. I have taken six or seven clippings from the purple basil plant and have them in water to root. From there more purple basil and another run at beautiful purple pesto. I will also use a micro planer to grate the Parmesan cheese. The larger chunks I found don’t disappear as much as I wanted. And finally I will toast off the pine nuts more. Not so much for the flavor but for the color. The lighter they are in the end the more they stand out. Over all the pesto was great, Kelly and I enjoyed it with toast, tomatoes, and bocarones (the best and most perfect anchovy in the world, little white beauties from Spain). Pictured here with a bocarones fillet.

Purple Pesto Round 1

Purple Pesto Round 1

— matt bolus


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3 responses to “Finished Purple Basil Pesto

  1. Pam

    Does the basil root easily in water?

  2. dmbolus

    Basil roots in a matter of several days. I keep mine in a glass of water in the kitchen window that gets sun for few hours in the morning. I found this out by accident. The first time put the basil in the water was merely to keep it fresh so I could cook with it the day after I picked it. As usual my orignal plans where put off for a day. When I finally got to the cooking I was amazed to find roots already on the stems.

  3. we use a national panasonic food processor and this seems to be a bang for the buck”‘,

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