Another Banana Pepper Idea

As I picked more banana peppers today, 32 in total, it came to me that I have never heard of a ground “banana pepper” pepper. Why not? We all know cayenne pepper, paprika, and red pepper flakes. What about doing the same thing with banana peppers. So off I went to get the dehydrator out and I cut up 28 peppers (from a previously harvested batch) and put them in the dehydrator at 100 degrees F. I plan on using the whole pepper, seeds and all to grind into a powder. Will it provide the same flavor as a banana pepper or will it be more intense. Cayenne peppers are actually to hot to use fresh and from what I have read can actually cause severe stomach problems if used in their fresh state. I am guessing this is why they are always dried and then ground into a powder form.

— matt bolus


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3 responses to “Another Banana Pepper Idea

  1. As with any pepper, if you remove the seeds and white inter membrane the pepper will be much milder and retain all it wonderful flavor

  2. If you’re into healthy snacks (who isn’t) you need to get a food dehydrator…

  3. well, I am wondering is their something called apple pepper just like banana pepper.

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