A Craving

Laying in bed at about 1:00 in the morning Kelly and I both realized that neither of us could sleep because we were both hungry. Our daily plans and routine had taken us long into the night and by the time we realized what time it was neither of us felt like cooking (I know it is hard to believe that a chef does not want to cook but you would be amazed at what chefs really eat when they are at home) so we simply grabbed some garbage out of the freezer believing this would solve the problem. Well, back to laying in bed, we soon figured out that this was not the case. Both of us also had the same thought in mind, grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon, Benton’s bacon to be exact. So I got out of bed and proceeded to make two of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had (o.k. so chefs do love to cook at any time, some times we just have to be inspired). I started by cooking off three slices of the most perfect bacon ever made (again a reference to Benton’s, if you have not visited the site by now hopefully this will make you want to go). I then caramelized some red onion slices in the rendered bacon fat. From there I toasted the bread in a mixture of the bacon fat and butter melting the cheese on the hot slices of toast. Finally assembling the sanwiches and giving them a final heating in the pan (again with any remaining bacon fat). Sliced and eaten both of us slept soundly the night through.

–matt bolus

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