Green and Purple BasilJust a quick look at our basil plants in the garden. The green is just a store bought plant (Lowes or Home Depot, I don’t remember) and the purple came from my Aero Garden. I planted them together to see how they would do and if there would be any change from cross pollination. I haven’t seen anything as of yet. None the less it makes for a beautiful look to the garden.

What is interesting though, is when you look at the purple basil leaves up close. Kelly showed this to me in a picture she took. All the purple leaves have a bright green edge.

Green edge of purple basil leaf

–matt bolus


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3 responses to “Basil

  1. Amanda Reid

    Hey I really enjoy your blog first of all.
    If you start the basil from seed ( the purple and what every green variety you like) sometimes in my expeierence you get ” speckled” basil with fantiastic flavors. I’ve done it a couple times and my result has always bee the same. Just a thought ….

    ( I’ve tried it with sweet, chai, and lime basil.)

  2. I hope you are still enjoying your garden.

    There are some exciting new developments over at Aerogarden.

    Stop by to learn what’s going on!

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