Christmas Comes Early

Red cayenne peppersThe cayenne’s have started to turn red. And just as I suspected it looks like a Southwestern Christmas tree. I stopped counting the today when I reached 112 peppers that will be ready to pick soon. I am such a fan of fresh from the garden and we all know that there is nothing compared to a tomato picked off the vine minutes before consumption. But when you get the opportunity to grow food such as cayenne peppers yourself, dry them out, and grind them into fresh ground pepper when it is needed it is something different. I just found out that a friend of mine is growing Hungarian Red Peppers. I have full intention of turning some of these peppers into home made paprika. We have already started the planning on how to slowly cold smoke them, dry them, and then grind them into paprika powder. It is the same thing to me as the coriander seed that I have drying out in the kitchen (which I should be able to finish up this week sometime).

–matt bolus

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