First Look at the New Vinegar

First look at the new vinegarWhen we got home from Knoxville for some reason I felt I had to check on my vinegar.  Kind of like it was a child that I had left for four days and wanted to know how their time was while I was away.  The observation was better than expected and I think I am doing things correctly.  Which should not be hard to do in that the biggest part of the experiment is the waiting.  The flavor is coming along well though still very acidic.  I would not choose to use it at this point.  The color is brilliant resembling the golden color of hay.  The wine I choose to start this with was not that dark by any means.  I am assuming that the transformation from wine to vinegar coupled with the American oak barrel has started darkening the overall tint.  I started the project on May 9 of this year so I am only 44 days into it.  According to all of my research the minimum time it should take is two months or 60 days.  It could also take as long as six months depending on the overall original acidity of the wine, the temperature during convertion, and the alcohol percentage after dilution.  So all in all I am happy with where it is at and will be checking in on it again in the next 3 weeks or so.

–matt bolus

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