von Euw Chocolatier

von Euw ChocolatierA good friend of mine from Le Cordon Bleu, by the name of Mike Von Euw, has opened his own chocolate company appropriately named  von Euw Chocolatier.  After much teasing on my part about how good his chocolates and candies might be I finally had the great pleasure of trying them myself.  Mike kindly sent ustwo boxes (one for Kelly and one for me) overnight from San Diego for our inspection.  No surprise to me, they were fantastic.  What I ate that night, and yes I did finish them all in one sitting, was by far the best chocolates I have ever eaten.  I found that when you are studying something, such as chocolate and pastries, you find yourself eating them everywhere you go trying to find the new benchmark.  I did this everywhere I traveled to in Europe, many times with Mike along for the journey.  From France to Malta, Switzerland and Austria, Spain and England.  After all those wonderful experiences, and all of the chocolates consumed I finally found my benchmark, and it was the chocolate that Mike sent to me.  I am desperately trying to find a way to use his chocolates at the restaurant.  In my opinion you should make everything in house that you can make better than someone else, if not then you must bring it in from someone else.  In this case I am not going to attempt to top Mike.  You can find his website at www.voneuwchocolatier.net.  Have a look, place an order, and get ready for a divine experience.

–matt bolus

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