Marjoram Mystery

Marjoram Flower

Marjoram FlowersIn our new herb garden we have planted three marjoram plants. We have never grown marjoram and to be honest I have not cooked much with it either. None the less it looked great and went well with the other plants we selected. I noticed today that the plants had started to flower. As I looked a bit closer I also noticed that the tops of the plants were growing in the shape of a square. This baffled me to say the least as marjoram leaves have round shape with a size in between that of thyme and oregano.

Square Marjoram Top

I can only assume this is one of the wonders of nature that few of us ever see, think about, or care to notice. I love it. It is different and thought provoking, and in cooking that is how ideas are formed and future classic dishes created.

Square Marjoram Top

–matt bolus

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One response to “Marjoram Mystery

  1. renata brenner

    All oreganos including marjoram are members of the mint family. If you look closely you will see that their stems are square in cross section.

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