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I added a link today to chef Gordon Ramsay’s place. He is in mine and many others opinions a great chef. And for all of us who have had the pleasure of dinning at one of his establishments an instant fan was born. He has accomplished much in his career which is unfortunately not entirely covered on the site. You can purchase most of his books on the site, though the prices are in GBP, Great British Pounds, and with the conversion to the dollar you might be better off looking for them else where. None the less the site is great and will lead every viewer through Ramsay’s extensive collection of restaurants. Another great investment in Ramsay is the DVD copy of “Kitchen Nightmares”. And let me be specific and honest here, do not look for the American show, not worth it. The original U.K. version is not only exciting and dramatic (full of foal language as well), but it is educational at the same time.

–matt bolus

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