New addition

Red honeysuckle blossom

I could not take it anymore, and had to find a way to do. What, you ask? And honeysuckle is my answer. I found some great red honeysuckle plants at my local nursery and purchased four of them. I could not stand the thought of having to search out large stashes and then wonder if anyone would get mad at me for picking the blossoms for an experiment.

Red honeysuckle

So after getting these plants home and planting them along the back fence so they have room to grow and grant me with copeous amounts of blossoms I realized that I had never seen a red honeysuckle blossom before. So the research began. After looking at countless pages of sales ads and all of the other things you can find on line I found a page that was extremely relevant as well as informative. It was the site for The National Gardening Association and the page I fell onto was the page dedicated to edible flowers. I have included the link here so others may go to it and experience the vast amounts of information they list of the various edible flora in our world. I am happy to say that the red honeysuckle plants my wife and I purchased are listed in the edible category. What I am hoping for now is an aligning of the stars. Basically I am hoping that once my vinegar is complete (which I did taste today and have to say that it is far from converting) the honeysuckle is somewhat in full bloom. Unfortunately we are back to the old saying “time will tell”.

–matt bolus

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