Tarragon Vinegar

I truly have a problem with the waiting game for projects and ideas you have to be finished. I love making things, and I am the first to say that somethings you just have wait for. In my case it is my vinegar. But I did get another idea yesterday while watering my plants in the garden when I realized that my Mexican tarragon is nearly as tall as a bottle of wine. So my idea is….tarragon vinegar. Not so original you say, and I agree. It is not the originality to me that matters. In reality making vinegar at home is no more original than growing your own food. People have been doing it for hundreds or thousands of years depending on which book you read. But honestly I have never seen Mexican tarragon in vinegar. Thinking back I can not really remember seeing Mexican tarragon used in anything. It is a new flavor to me. The taste is obviously that of tarragon but more floral and with a nice citrus undertone. I have to be honest and say that I now prefer it to that of French tarragon for many reasons. The first being the overall flavor. The second being the ease of use. I was always frustrated using tarragon in the restaurant because of the small leaves, the amount of stems to leaves, and the inevitable fact that it would start to wilt so quickly. Very rarly did we receive a batch of tarragon that did not already have many leaves turning that awlful dark green with a mushy moist texture towards the base. I have picked this mexican tarragon out of the garden several times now, used what I needed and properly storing the rest only to discover that it is still quite brilliant several days later with no wilt. I have three of these plants now in the garden and plan having much more in the future.

My plan once the vinegar is finished is to find a nice clear bottle, cut a sprig that is as tall as the thick part, squeeze it down in, and fill the bottle with my fresh out of the barrel home made white wine vinegar. The visual alone makes me want to hurry the process along. I know though in my heart that time must pass for perfection to come about.

–matt bolus

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One response to “Tarragon Vinegar

  1. Kellen Buckles

    I have mexican tarragon growing in a large pot along with Greek oregano and marigolds. I agree the leaves stay vibrant and green and are much easier to wash and chop. I used some of my fresh tarragon this summer to put in some red wine vinegar along with several garlic cloves. It has almost a sweet flavor now. I also used some in white wine vinegar.

    I’ve only seen this sold at one store where I live, but I’ve come to love it. Also, it seems much stronger than French tarragon.

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