Another idea has come my way. Honeysuckle. Who hasn’t spent some time whether in their childhood, their adulthood, or both, picking the flowers from a honeysuckle plant pulling the stems out and tasting the beauty of nature? I know that I am a true fan of the plant, it’s beauty as well as it’s taste. In fact honeysuckle is just one of those things that makes me smile no matter what is going on in my life. While this season may have passed me by I have full intentions of capitalizing on the next years crop. How good would honeysuckle vinegar be? It would take time no doubt. Just imagine having to carefully remove all those blossoms making sure you did not break them and release the juices to early. Then having to remove the stem ever so carefully to extract the highest amount of nectar possible. And having to procure enough to flavor your vinegar. Wow, time and patience tested to the extreme. But the result, the end of the large amount of labor. The floral smell, the subtle taste, the beauty in all that is nature. How could you say no? Why would you say no? Is it possible to create this same effect with other flavors? Maybe. I know that there is honeysuckle products on the market. Time, tasting, research, and more tasting will all be done, rest assured.

–matt bolus

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