Troubles with vinegar

I have quickly discovered some problems with the home production of vinegar, other than the fact that I have to impatiently wait for the final product. The first problem I for see is the air flow. In order for the vinegar process to happen the ingredients need good air flow. The barrel, while perfect in design and cool to look at, to me does not seem tho be adequately set up for air flow. The Orleans barrels of the past actually had separate holes drilled into the barrels above the fill line to allow air to not only flow in but out as well. Then the finished vinegar was aged in a traditional style barrel. I do have an idea to solve the problem, if it even is a problem. My solution, a cheap aquarium pump. The kind that every kid puts in their first aquarium (or bowl) to aerate the water for their favorite goldfish. This, in theory, should pump air into the the bottom of the barrel which would be allowed to move out of the barrel through the top hole. This is assuming that I can find food safe tubing that will be long enuough to reach the bottom of the barrel. The second problem is a matter of cleaning and not something I will have to worry about for sometime. My question is how am I going to get the mother out of the barrel to clean it? I do not want to destroy her. I want to preserve the wonderful flavor of time that she will eventually have. Time, hopefully, will answer these questions (maybe someone reading will as well). Until then.

–matt bolus

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